Nimble, on-demand sandbox environments shorten your development cycle

Our specialized virtual IT labs let you quickly spin up and share exact environment replicas, simplifying work, streamlining costs and boosting software quality no matter the complexity.

Easy, elastic, extensible sandboxing environment

Keep up with the DevOps cycle with simplified setup wizards, VM import and a huge library of licensed templates that help you get going faster than you ever imagined. And it’s all isolated, revertible and ready to connect with popular development tools. Save resources and money with automation capabilities that sense inactivity and shut off environments automatically.

Collaborate, isolate, control

  • Easy environment creation: Whether you need identical copies or your own version to meet your specific needs, it’s simple to spin up environments, revert to ‘golden images’ or make changes to suit your exact needs.
  • Extensive library of VM templates: Immediately configure and deploy fully-licensed templates for popular applications and operating systems.
  • Effortless collaboration: One-click snapshots save teams hours of time recreating issues and make it easy to share environments and resources across oceans and time zones.
  • Advanced networking and nested virtualization support: We support complex topologies and networking features that cloud-first providers don’t. No rearchitecting required.

Sandbox with speed, scale and savings

  • Accelerate release cycles: Use snapshots to quickly and efficiently reproduce issues and allow multiple teams to work in parallel, speeding up the entire dev/test process.
  • Increase productivity: No more waiting for labs to free up. Scale out instantaneously with as many labs as you need, helping dev and QA teams increase their efficiency.
  • Enhance quality: Truly identical labs avoid configuration drift, so you can produce higher-quality releases.
  • Scale as needed: Automation and tight resource control make it simple to scale on-demand IT labs up or down as you need them.
  • Control costs: Auto-suspend and delete features reduce costs by sensing inactivity, eliminating hardware and cloud sprawl.

Trusted by the world’s leading software & Fortune 500 companies.

“After four years, it’s fair to say that without CloudShare, we couldn’t run the academy. It’s simply the core of how we train”
Vincent Perquin
Training Academy Director

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