From passive learning to active practice. Meet the new standard for virtual training experiences.

Any Cloud. Anytime. Anywhere.

Integrate hands-on software practice directly into your LMS with CloudShare’s virtual training solutions. No complex onboarding, no need to leave your cloud.

Trusted by the world’s leading software & Fortune 500 companies.

Virtual Training Solutions for All Scenarios

Virtual Instructor-Led Training

Leverage powerful collaboration, interactive learning, and over-the-shoulder monitoring

Self-Paced Training

Eliminate scheduling problems, let learners take the reins

Technical Certification

The most trusted virtual training labs to certify and accredit learners


Unlimited scale for conferences around the world

Supporting Single Cloud or Hybrid

“After four years, it’s fair to say that without CloudShare, we couldn’t run the academy. It’s simply the core of how we train”
Vincent Perquin
Training Academy Director

Here's Why CloudShare is so Easy and Effective

How can you maximize your learners’ knowledge retention? Scale quickly? Or replicate real-world environments, no matter how complex? This is what CloudShare’s virtual training labs are all about.

Personalized, Real, Engaging Training Experiences That Keep Your Learners On Their Toes

Never lose your learners again to boredom, distractions, or zoom fatigue. Our next-gen Virtual Training Solutions allow you to create interactive, intuitive, and effective customer training experiences.


Get started in minutes, anywhere in the world


Maximize interaction
with your learners


Control costs and get customized analytics straight into your inbox

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