We’ve got the cloud to handle your crowd

Whether it’s an on-site sales kickoff or a product launch, a company meeting or a partner conference, events are ideal for hands-on training. But there’s a lot on the line with so many participants, and you’ve got one chance to make a big impression.

With CloudShare’s elastic cloud-based training platform, you get full-featured virtual training labs that easily handle hundreds of participants simultaneously. Our environments are ready to perform, spinning up in seconds even with multiple participants at once, so your guests aren’t waiting, and you’re not worrying.

It’s why we’re a go-to provider of event training for Atlassian, Palo Alto Networks, Check Point, Fortinet and more.


Everything you need for training success

  • Easy access without a ton of infrastructure: Provide access to participants with a single click from any standard web browser.
  • Performs like a champ: Environments spin up in seconds so your guests are never left waiting.
  • Flexible options: Conduct as many classes as you’d like simultaneously and give attendees the option to join according to their schedule.
  • Flexible registration options: Includes the ability to capture participant details for lead generation.
  • Multistep capabilities: Easily guide students through multiple environments without creating additional classes.
  • No surprises in your bill: Auto-suspend and delete features reduce costs by shutting down labs when not in use.
  • Evaluate success with hard data: Dashboards and analytics enable you to assess results with detailed insights and ROI calculations at your fingertips.
  • World-class tech support: Resolve issues quickly so your event goes off without a hitch.
  • LMS integration: Easily integrate virtual training labs with your existing learning management systems.
Configuring training labs

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