What is Oracle Ravello?

Ravello Systems was a cloud infrastructure company founded in 2011 that offered enterprises the ability to run their VMware or KVM workloads on public clouds without the need to modify virtual machines (VMs). The initial Ravello solution enabled enterprises to deploy their existing applications on AWS and Google Cloud (GCP), however, Oracle purchased the company in February of 2016 and enabled organizations to run their VMs and applications on Oracle’s cloud as well.

Oracle Ravello end of life canvas

Clients of Ravello utilized their service for building virtual labs for a number of use cases, including:

Ravello Labs end of life

Oracle recently told clients that they will be shutting down the IT labs service announcing Ravello end of life by May 2020. This means companies will have two basic choices: Move to Oracle (or other public cloud) and build their own solution or choose another virtual labs provider.

Ravello VM import end of life

For any enterprise thinking about this decision, it shouldn’t take too long until they realize there’s only one path: Find a new environment as a service (EaaS) provider.

Reasons not to build your own virtual labs

There are three simple reasons current customers should not try building their own EaaS solution as a Ravello replacement:

  1. Time: There’s an obvious reason companies are created around turnkey solutions for a specific purpose. CloudShare has put years of engineering and product work behind our solution. The time it will take any company, even large enterprises, to create fully functioning virtual labs with all the bells and whistles is enormous. Why go through that headache?
  2. Money: Not only will you have to spend money on the infrastructure, but you will have to build your own service on top. That means you will need more developers and cloud engineers, which you will have to hire and pay. With a virtual labs solution, you pay one company to take care of it all for you.
  3. Support: AWS, GCP, Oracle, and all the other players in the cloud infrastructure market don’t care about your product or service. They will not build integrations specifically tailored to your needs. What you get is a big shop of lots of different services that you have to figure out and connect to build your application. With CloudShare’s specialized cloud, we help build integrations you need to ensure your environments run the way you want.

Don’t make the mistake of thinking that Oracle offering cheap compute and storage is the best way to go. Sometimes cheap is ultimately more expensive over time.

CloudShare instructor view training - Ravello end of life

CloudShare: Ravello replacement

CloudShare is a powerful virtual IT labs provider that enables enterprises to easily build and run their environments on our specialized cloud. As the best option to replace Ravello, CloudShare offers:

  1. A beautiful UI that gives admins full control of their environments
  2. A simple VM upload mechanism and intuitive network configuration
  3. Spin up complex environments in minutes
  4. Get BI analytics out of the box for virtual training, and sales demos and POCs
  5. Use any browser to access environments with all VMs in one window
  6. Premium global data centers with almost zero latency and fantastic customer support
  7. Policies for better cost and resource management
  8. Integrations with Salesforce and LMS platforms

CloudShare student view training - Oracle Ravello end of life

The best path to turnkey virtual IT labs

With the service being shut down by Oracle, you need to find an alternative to Ravello. Migrating your VMs is easier than you think with CloudShare. Plus, let our team know you’re making the move from Ravello and get a special discount.

So, have you made your decision yet? There’s no reason to wait until your labs expire. You can move over to CloudShare today by contacting us.


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