Easily offer your product for a trial period

Make your product available instantly to a prospect for a limited time, while still protecting your business. With CloudShare, you give prospects everything they need to move them closer to the sale.


Manage trials with virtual labs

CloudShare self-service trail features include the ability to:

  • Determine exactly who uses your product trial, when they can use it, and for how long
  • Offer complex architectures that are tailored to your prospect’s real-world scenarios
  • Create unlimited instances of a production-level product without exposing your sensitive production environments
  • Customize product trials with strategic market data and focused branding
  • Easily add access to your product trial from any location — web page, user form, email, etc.
  • and much more

Now that you’re familiar with our self-service trial functionalities, check out our sales demo capabilities and powerful POC features.

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