Find out what world-class sales demos really look like

Help your teams hit their sales goals faster

Quickly spin up and send engaging, interactive product demos for any use case. No coding, no excessive costs, and no virtual infrastructure maintenance required.

Create hands-on demo experiences for every customer

With CloudShare, your sales reps can easily deliver, track, and follow up on customized demos.

Shorten your sales cycles and get more prospects to say “I NEED THIS!”

  • See who’s using every demo so you know when to follow up
  • Track your most popular demos so you can optimize your sales process
  • Centralize and organize your demos so you can create, find, and send them fast
  • Spin up demos in a flash with our template library. Customize them as much or as little as you need to close the deal
  • Create automated environment policies for inactivity, deletion, and suspension
  • Extend or cancel demos as needed
  • Save on costs with automated environment policies for inactivity, deletion, and suspension
  • Control and manage invites, usage time, and allocated resources for every demo
  • Integrate your CRM to avoid silos, improve workflows, and improve your sales results
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“Having that ability to log in, see how they’re using the environment, and what they’re doing in real-time when there’s a problem - without asking another team to be involved - is invaluable”
Paul Cleary
Senior Ecosystem Architect

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