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Thoughts from the CEO: The Acceleration of Technology-driven Experiences

As the world moved fiercely online in 2020, business leaders put remote experiences under the microscope, many of them for the first time. Organizations needed to rethink their growth strategies from the ground up for…
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Thought Leadership

The Adaptive Future: Acquiring the Technology and Talent to Survive and Thrive

A May 2019 report from Forrester, “Beyond Agility – Adaptive Enterprises Hold the Winning Hand,” detailed how companies no longer need to predict the future if they leverage a strategic foundation that’ll enable them to…
2019 Cybertech

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2019 Cybertech Conference: Collaborating, Training and the Dark Side of AI

More than 15,000 cybersecurity and IT leaders from 80 different countries flocked to Tel Aviv for Cybertech 2019, one of the largest cybersecurity events of the year. Most memorable about this event is it “cut right…


Creating Command School: Training Like Ender’s Game

If you’ve never read the sci-fi classic “Ender’s Game,” you’re missing out on a great story. But if you have, you probably remember two things about it: First, the big reveal at the end. Second,…

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2019 Virtual IT Labs Predictions: Multi-cloud and multi-step to advance training industry

As the year draws to a close, it’s natural to wonder what the next one will bring. When it comes to making predictions, I always liked the quote by Scottish writer Andrew Lang: “An unsophisticated…
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Thought Leadership

2018, The Year of Cloud and AI: Predictions from CloudShare’s CEO

The cloud has been a major force in reshaping enterprise IT. In 2018, however, cloud will truly demonstrate just how much disruption it is capable of dishing out. Joined by rapid advances in AI, even…

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