3 Actionable Strategies for Increased Training Subscription Renewal Rates

How often have you thought that your training program was the only reason customers were succeeding with your product, only to find out a year later that they barely used the program? It’s one of…
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metrics for training


5 Key Metrics to Align Training and GTM Teams to Boost Subscription Renewals

The key to a successful customer training program lies in strong alignment between the training and go-to-market (GTM) teams.  Why?  Because training drives product adoption, and successful adoption leads to excellent time-to-market metrics that can…
Cyber Resilience Training

Cybersecurity,Thought Leadership

The Best Ways to Do Cyber Resilience Training

Modern businesses have a lot to juggle when it comes to cybersecurity. There are threats everywhere you look today. But it isn’t enough to implement lackluster cybersecurity systems. A successful business must stay on top…
How to Align Customer Training with Company GTM Goals


Bridge the Gap: How to Align Customer Training with Company Go-To-Market Goals

The Go-To-Market (GTM) function in any organization coordinates cross-functionally with other departments such as Sales, Marketing and Product to deliver the roadmap for the business. As Customer Training is a critical part of the organization,…
Virtual Training Experience Solution


What To Think About When You’re Choosing A Virtual Training Experience Solution

With the rise of distributed workplaces, and a growing number of employees eager to continue working from home in their sweatpants – “old-school” training methods just aren’t practical (or possible) for many companies.  This has…
how to make virtual training effective


How Can You Create an Effective Employee Virtual Training Program?

Workplace training is integral to any company, regardless of industry or size. It ensures employees and business partners are always in line with the company’s goals and operations, as well as increase efficiency and lower…
Sales Metrics vs. Customer Retention Metrics — Which Should Training Departments Focus On?

Thought Leadership,Training

Sales Metrics vs. Customer Retention Metrics — Which Should Training Departments Focus On?

We recently had the opportunity to attend CEdMA 2022. Our time at the conference was incredibly enlightening—especially our discussion group, which included decision-makers from VMWare and MongoDB. There, we learned that there’s a massive change…

Sales Enablement

The Cost of Sales Engineer Training for Employees

How does your company approach sales engineer training? Employees serve as the lifeblood of your business, ensuring it can continue to run and generate revenue. But as your best-performing assets retire or switch jobs eventually,…
customer training pricing packages


Customer Training Pricing and Packaging Best Practices

Consumer training is a way for companies to ensure that clients get the most value out of the product as possible. Also known as customer education, there are a wide array of benefits of providing…
Invest in Success: A Guide to the Top 7 Customer Education Events Coming Up in 2023


Invest in Success: A Guide to the Top 7 Customer Education Events Coming Up in 2023

The more you educate your customer about your product, the higher the chances of retention. But today’s customer is technologically-savvy and doesn’t have the time to participate in such programs. So, how do you overcome…
training as a service

Training,User Experience

Increase Customer Education Revenue with 5 Subscription Renewal Strategies

Customer training is a massive factor in turning customers into product advocates and retaining them long-term. However, many organizations fail to capitalize on this opportunity due to customer reluctance to sign up for training subscriptions….
cedma conference


5 Key Takeaways from CEdMA Conference 2022

This year’s CEdMA conference EU gave us an opportunity to network with old and new friends, meet customers and partners face-to-face, and learn from some of the brightest minds in training and education.  Here are…

Software Training Budget Planning Guide